Hon. Victor Borja Hocog
Rota Representative
16th Northern Marianas Commonwealth Legislature

Please VOTE!   Pot Fabot BOTA!

 Victor Borja Hocog

                        for Rota Mayor 2009

    "Building Sustainable Economy"

Dear voters: 

The global economic downturn is being felt by the island of Rota and its people in making a living day by day.

I want to hear you: How do you want to see Rota in the next generation?

Allow me to say that, it’s no longer about the downturn or the upturn. It’s about your turn.

This means that Rota need to vigorously find solutions to the bad effect of economic turns.  That in this election year, Rota must elect a leader who is committed, dedicated & hardworking, with proven experience and understanding of  government affairs, and willingness to work and to be of service to its people even in a 24/7.

With humility, I humbly present myself of these qualities.

Still, however, one may say that the road to recovery and to sustain its wealth is not as simple as it goes.

But, my answer to it is a loud YES! – That as a candidate to the office of the Mayor, I commit to the people of Rota my dedication, experience and knowledge to move Rota into the path of economic recovery and to sustain its economic growth.

If elected as Mayor, my dream, my vision, is to put a pipeline into Action in Motion to build sustainable economy.

My core PIPE-dream is all about:

Our People ... 

I will encourage people’s Active participation, to Bond together by trust & confidence so that there will be Cooperation in working together for Rota.

Our Industry, the casino…

The operation will be Activated at the soonest time in order to Boost Rota revenue that can Create more job opportunities and benefits for the island.

Our Produce… 

Our Agriculture & Aquaculture will be provided with essential government Baseline support so that Rota’s produce will Create trade mark in the world market.

Our Energy

I will put in place an Active green & renewable power supply from our Basic natural resources so that the Cost of our utility will be less and penny-wise.


In reaching these PIPE-dream actions, I am confident that other opportunities and benefits can be cultivated such as: (my thee)

  1. An integrated social program for our senior citizen (Manamko) to broaden their active role in our island. 
  2. Improving developmental activities for our Youth to instill in their heart the love & care for Rota by immediately providing them their youth facility in full utilization. 
  3. Transportation alternatives, like people’s ferry to neighboring islands to advance tourism and the venture for other commercial cargo transportation to further cut the cost of goods and supplies shipments to Rota. 
  4. An outside alternative medical Health insurance coverage that will ease the cost of medical referral patience beyond the Commonwealth.
  5. Promoting Educational opportunities with various grants that will enhance students’ potential for professional careers, technical courses as well as vocational trade programs.
  6. Strengthening our Ecological wealth by maintaining and safeguarding the balance and harmony of our natural environment to any effect of development in industrialization/commercialization.

I firmly believe that the aforementioned action in motion plan is achievable and doable if given an opportunity for the position.

I can’t hardly wait to begin !

In asking for your support and vote of confidence, kindly consider my action plan for it needs your approval for its success.

I decided to join the mayoral race because:

I have a….. Vision and plan for Rota

I am …….... Inspired to serve Rota and its people

I .….……… Care for Rota and you

I am a……. Team-player for Rota

I am ……... Optimistic for Rota opportunities &

I believe…. Rota will Recover & Rota will sustain.


In closing, my lovely wife Villia, my children, Viola & Ton, Victor Val & Lett, Verilynn & their Children, my baby Valeen, & my dearest mom Dolores, my parents in-law, Fidel & Fermina Mendiola, humbly join me in extending our heartfelt appreciation & Dankulu na si yuus ma’ase for your believe, support and vote of confidence to this November 7, 2009 election.


Sincerely yours,

Rep. Victor Borja Hocog

Candidate for Rota Mayor

7th Election District


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